One of the first things a business owner must do is analyze the activities that are to be performed within the company. Then determine how important the activities are, what type of qualifications are required to effectively perform them, and how much to pay.  As a result of this analysis, job specifications and position descriptions are developed.

Job specifications are more general and are usually applied to a class of positions.

They identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities; experience requirements; education requirements; and any licensure or certification requirements.

Position descriptions or job descriptions are more specific. They identify the specific duties and responsibilities assigned to a particular position. These are the duties that the individual must satisfactorily complete to remain employed. They identify what, when, how, and why for each task or activity assigned. It also identifies the supervisor/subordinate relationship and any physical demands that may be required. The Wright Team can assist you with the development of your position descriptions.

For a library of predeveloped job specifications, visit O*NET at

Published On: February 8th, 2023 / Categories: Blog /

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