Hiring the right talent is crucial to the successful performance of any organization

This process of finding and hiring the best qualified, most suitable candidate for your position is your recruitment process. A successful recruitment process begins with a position description that accurately describes the duties and responsibilities assigned to the position as well as any essential knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required.

Using the position description, selection tools can be developed to assist in making an objective selection decision.

Ensuring that the selection tools are both reliable and valid are essential to avoid hiring individuals based on false positive responses and eliminating good candidates based on false negative responses. Using selection tools ensure consistency in application as all applicants are asked the exact same questions and the responses are measured the same using the same measurement or rating tool thereby reducing the risk of biases and subjectivity in the selection process. The best predictor of future performance is past behavior, therefore behavioral interview questions are developed as part of the selection tool.

Good selection tools will assist you in identifying individuals who possess the requirements you are seeking and who would be a good fit for your team. The Wright Team can assist you in the development of position descriptions and selection tools. Contact us today.

For more information on hiring the right talent visit the following link: https://www.hr.com/en/magazines/talent_acquisition/december_2021_talent_acquisition_excellence/ 4-steps-to-quickly-hire-quality-candidates_kx8vc651.html

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