As the 2022 hurricane season ended November 30, 2022, now is the time to begin planning for the next hurricane season, which is June 1, 2023, through November 30, 2023

First things first

The first thing I would recommend is that you review your current insurance coverage to make sure that it provides adequate coverage.

Hurricane Preparedness Plan 

If you don’t have one, develop a Hurricane Preparedness Plan and ensure that all employees are properly and adequately trained.

Your Hurricane Preparedness Plan should include how you will communicate with your employees and customers to continue to conduct business during any periods of extended power failure, road/city closures, and/or property destruction.

Communication Plan

To ensure effective communication, a list of all employees and their contact information should be developed and maintained. Provide effective communication with employees regarding any approaching storms, office closures, any assistance to be provided, evacuation orders and returning to work.

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