Now that business is good, you’ve hired staff….Now for Onboarding!

Onboarding is essential to a new employee’s success on the job and critical for the company’s success.

It is quite different from a new employee’s orientation to the job where they spend a day completing new hire paperwork and getting introduced to the company, the environment, the culture, and the employees.

Onboarding is long term, ranging from three to six months, where the new employee learns by shadowing others and developing knowledge skills and behavior. It helps the new employee adjust to the social and organizational requirements of the company. It is strategically planned and delivered resulting in ongoing efforts and changed mindsets.

Onboarding must be aligned with the requirements of the job as first impressions are very important. The employee must be engaged and acclimated to the environment. Onboarding programs should cover the four C’s:

• Compliance

• Clarification

• Culture

• Connection

A good onboarding program can reduce turnover. Here are five tips for a successful program. 

  1. Take advantage of the time to make a good impression.
  2. Be sensitive to the new hires anxiety and uncertainty.
  3. Make sure managers are trained on good onboarding.
  4. Make use of technology when possible.
  5. Ensure it is in compliance with your strategic objectives. 

The Wright Team can help you put onboarding processes in place, so you can focus on building your business with peace of mind.  Let us assess your needs and put together a plan that is unique to your business needs.  Contact us today.

Published On: February 8th, 2023 / Categories: Blog /

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