Our Story​​​​​​

The Wright Team was established in 2021 with a vision to offer administrative and human resource services to small businesses. The company’s vision is to help alleviate the pressure of having to focus on the details that are outside of the area and scope of a client’s primary business. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​With four decades of experience the company utilizes these unique skills to direct the overall administration and day-to-day management to provide hands-on services.

The Wright Team collaborates with companies to seamlessly fill the administrative and human resources role. As a partner, we are able to develop a harmonious connection between the business’ organizational goals and the administrative and human resources services.

It is the goal of The Wright Team to enter an organization understanding that human resources are a company’s greatest asset and also its greatest expense. By outsourcing the administrative and human resources services this allows the business to focus on allocating administrative overhead elsewhere in the company, thus saving time and money. Partnering with administrative professionals not only allows for a cost saving but also that with the “Wright Process” in place companies that work with us are more profitable.

The Wright Team offers a range of services that help companies run their business more efficiently. The Wright Team services are tiered in approach, to meeting businesses administrative needs. These services are offered remotely with options to have on-site consulting. This in turn, provides clients with professional service that improves efficiency and productivity.

Let’s Supercharge Your Business