Background checks are an important part of the selection process and should be completed before a selection decision is made.

This may include employment references, education verification, driving license and history, and criminal history checks. Depending on the type of job, credit checks and character references may also be considered.

The Qualified Privilege Doctrine allows previous employers to provide accurate, factual, documented, and work-related information to potential employers who inquire for legitimate business purposes.  This doctrine protects the employer from civil lawsuits when they provide accurate, factual, job-related information.  Employers may be held liable for intentional misrepresentation.

Employers may be held liable for injuries committed by their employees when they fail to adequately conduct background investigations.  An employer is responsible for their employee’s wrongdoing when they knew or should have known that the employees were dangerous or risky.

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Published On: February 8th, 2023 / Categories: Blog /

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