Data Entry

We will organize and store the data for you

Businesses often have various amounts of information that need to be entered into computer files or databases that are generated from paper documents. We can help to improve your productivity by entering this information for you.

Administrative Support and Consulting

We offer a variety of administrative services to me your specific needs.

Some of our Data Entry Services

  • Building Spreadsheets – We will enter information into predesigned spreadsheets, or design spreadsheets, to store and organize data that may be sorted and extracted for various purposes.
  • Data Input – We will provide professional prompt and reliable service to enter your data concerning your employees and customers into automated files while maximizing productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.
  • Find and Analyze Discrepancies – Accuracy of data will be verified by proofreading against the documents entered from; running calculations to verify mathematics; and comparing data downloaded from various sources.
  • Produce Reports – Reports will be generated and produced from data entered, downloaded, and maintained for various purposes which may include but not limited to Employee Information Reports, Time and Attendance Reports, and Pay Reports

Let’s Make Things Happen

We are The Wright Team where your business is our business!

“I began on this journey more than 40 years ago serving in Human Resources for the public sector. When entering this field, I quickly realized that it was a perfect fit as I love the type of work involved and I thrive on assisting others to accomplish their ​mission and goals.”

Mary Wright

Owner/Operations Manager

Mary Wright
Owner/Operations Manager

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