General Administration

We Provide daily Relief and Support

Every small business has administrative needs, functions, and duties that they must perform in addition to the core business of their business. Our desire is to alleviate this pressure from you so that you may focus on the scope of your primary business. We seek to serve as a strategic partner with your business to collaborate and develop harmonious connections between your business’ organizational goals and your administrative and human resources services.

Administrative Support and Consulting

We offer a variety of administrative services to me your specific needs.

Some of our Administrative Services

  • Scheduling Appointments – Using established software, we will schedule and track your appointments to ensure that you are never over booked. You will be where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there. You will be notified of your schedule in plenty of time to make alternate arrangements should unforeseen circumstances prevent you from meeting your schedule.

  • Make Travel Arrangements – Hotel, car and flight reservations may be made for you to ensure that you get the best deals to meet your needs and standards.
  • Transcribing Dictation – We may attend your in-person meetings as needed or required to take minutes of your meetings and/or transcribe your meeting minutes from electronic recordings. Minutes will be professionally prepared, proofread and distributed as requested or directed.
  • Project Management – Your projects will be managed using selected software. Task assignment and due dates will be tracked with due date reminders being sent. Charts and graphs will be generated upon request.
  • Virtual Assistant – Consider us your administrative office away from your main office. We will provide professional, prompt, and reliable service to handle all of your administrative needs to include but not limited to filing and maintaining filing systems; copying and distributing; answering phones during absences or vacations.
  • Calendar/Office Management – Being organized is essential for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We will coordinate the administrative activities of your office and for your team. We will maintain calendars and track assignment due dates.
  • Prepare Correspondence – We will generate correspondence at varying levels of complexity upon request. We will proofread and edit for content and grammatical accuracy.

Let’s Make Things Happen

We are The Wright Team where your business is our business!

“I began on this journey more than 40 years ago serving in Human Resources for the public sector. When entering this field, I quickly realized that it was a perfect fit as I love the type of work involved and I thrive on assisting others to accomplish their ​mission and goals.”

Mary Wright

Owner/Operations Manager

Mary Wright
Owner/Operations Manager

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