Human Resources Support

Support in all aspects of Human Resource Areas

Most small businesses with less than 100 employees do not have human resource support which requires them to juggle these tasks along with the other many functions of their business. We will provide Administrative and Human Resource Support in all aspects of Human Resources which may include Position Descriptions, Advertising Vacancies, Screening Applications, Onboarding, Payroll, Performance Evaluations, Coaching and Discipline, and Separations.

Administrative Support and Consulting

We offer a variety of administrative services to me your specific needs.

Some of our Human Resource Services

  • Advertise Vacancies – We will coordinate the advertisement of your current or anticipated vacancies using established agencies.
  • Screen Applications – Develop prescreening documents or using predeveloped criteria, screen applications to ensure the individual meets the minimum essential knowledge, skills, and abilities to advance to the next stage of the recruitment and hiring process.
  • Maintain Selection Records – Review, compile and maintain records of all applicant data; prescreening tools and information; selection criteria documents and tools; and hiring decisions to ensure compliance with internal policies and procedures, employment laws and any possible auditing purposes.
  • Develop Employee Handbooks – All employees should be provided with a summary document that contains basic information regarding their employment relationship with your company. We will work with you to customize an Employee Handbook for your company.
  • Develop Procedure Manuals – Employees should have a full understanding of your human resource policies. Having clear policies and procedures helps to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. We will help you write detailed policies and procedures, specific to your business, for all aspects of Human Resources covering the entire employee life cycle from hiring to separation.
  • Develop Training Manuals – We will develop training materials needed to train your staff on topics related to administrative and human resources support topics.

Let’s Make Things Happen

We are The Wright Team where your business is our business!

“I began on this journey more than 40 years ago serving in Human Resources for the public sector. When entering this field, I quickly realized that it was a perfect fit as I love the type of work involved and I thrive on assisting others to accomplish their ​mission and goals.”

Mary Wright

Owner/Operations Manager

Mary Wright
Owner/Operations Manager

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